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“Unique, outside of the box thinking. Doesn’t just show you a magic trick, gives you a magical experience. You won’t say “how did he do that”, you’ll say “Did he do that?!?””

David J Greene (Professional magician, USA)


“Sophisticated and dry, like a good martini.”

Simon Daly (Artist, New Zealand)



Hello, my name is SpencerTricks, the Magic Concierge.
I’m a professional magician in Hokkaido, Japan.

I’m also a magic creator that releases a lot of DVDs all over the world. So I can perform a lot of high-impact tricks that you have never seen before.



And since I’m a Magic Concierge, I can make the Order made Special performance only for you along with the theme that you want to build in the show. For example, if it’s a trade show, I can do it using your new products, and if it’s a wedding show, I can do it using your anniversary dates or your memorable things.
I can do every kind of performances from close-up to big stages.

I also do my entire performance in English if you want to.

I hope you experience my world and get extraordinary refreshment.

Mainly, I perform in corporate shows, trade shows, wedding shows, TV shows and so on. And you can give my performance as surprising present to someone special.

If you want to book me, or want more detail informations, contact here.

Email(PC): patient_x_1020@movie.ocn.ne.jp

Email(iPhone): patient_x_1020@d.vodafone.ne.jp

or my facebook is following.


If you need authentic magic show that really entertains you, feel free to contact SpencerTricks anytime!

I’m looking forward to ENTERTAINING you (and your customer or someone special)!



“SpencerTricks is one step above everyone else! He’s witty and humourous yet serious about magic. He can make the audience laugh and be wowed at the same time.”

Valerie Shimbu (Language school owner, Canada)


“Spencer Tricks remembers what it feels like to be astonished by magic. And he still astonishes laymen and magicians alike.”

Ben Schlabs (Magician/White hacker, Berlin)


“Am I still alive? I need the air. You’re driving me crazy! Where did the smoke come from?”

Chen Min (Artist, China)